about wooden boxes

I came to woodwork slowly, years ago, grabbing a few hours over weekends between a growing family & running a time demanding company. My family (wife, daughter & son) appreciated my need to work things out in wood & this made the trial & error learning process easier.

From the outset I had a fascination for boxes, never had an inclination to build chairs, tables or bookcases -just boxes. My interest in things mechanical led to the building of a marble run in wood, this, over the years grew into a 1.5 meter high 6 track piece. I realized when it was built, that wood was not the material for marble runs, it took too much of the visual area. So I began a very steep learning process in the working & welding of stainless steel rod.

Having sold my business interests I now live with my wife Audrey, a portrait artist, in an indigenous forest in the Natal Midlands, South Africa, & have now the time to devote to my two passions, wood crafting boxes & mechanical devices & building Rolling Ball Sculptures.



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