wood box links

I have drawn inspiration from, & been motivated by, amongst others :-

Box Makers:

Brian Coetzee: South Africa inspired professional box maker

Peter Lloyd: UK Brilliant box maker www.finehardwoodboxes.com

Po Shun Leong: USA Mind-blowing pieces. www.poshunleong.com

Peter Cook: Australia Precise & beautiful www.scarabwood.com

Bill McDowell: USA clever Art Tekno Deco boxes http://teknodeco.com

Emi Ozawa: USA Playful mechanical boxes

Other Websites of Interest:

Title: Wooden Jewellery Boxes by The Crafty Boxes Company.

Description: Wooden Jewellery Boxes of Distinction.




Rolling Ball Sculptures:


www.eddiesmind.com -Eddie Boes

www.rollingballsculpture.com -Matthew Gaulden



www.sentex.net/~mwandel/marbles/index.html -Matthias Wandel


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